Restrictive Covenants

It’s becoming more common that employment contracts include a restrictive covenant. They are designed to protect a company’s investment in an employee including safeguarding trade secrets and confidential information. These agreements also serve to discourage employees from moving to a competitor. Post-employment restrictive covenant agreements are provisions that are designed to limit a former employee’s ability to compete with their former employer’s proprietary or confidential information after the employment has been terminated. There are several types of restrictive covenants including non-compete, the most common, non-solicitation and non-recruitment.
The attorneys at Elliott, Blackburn and Gooding know that restrictive covenant agreements are only useful if they can be enforced. These contracts are not one-size-fits-all. Each agreement depends on the industry and the nature of the employment. Enforcement of restrictive covenants lies within state law. In Valdosta, there is no better team of lawyers to help you create restrictive covenants.
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