Christ Church Savannah

Jim Elliott successfully represented the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia against attempts by a portion of the congregation of Christ Church Savannah to leave the Episcopal Church and take with them all the local church's property.

Founded in 1733, Christ Church Savannah is the oldest church in the state and is known as the Mother Church of Georgia.  Jim Elliott represented the Episcopal Diocese in a landmark church property case holding that under the hierarchical structure and governance of the Episcopal Church, Christ Church Savannah’s buildings, endowment, name, and other assets were held in trust for the Episcopal Church and could not be alienated from the Church by those leaving to worship as part of another church.  Rector, Wardens and Vestrymen of Christ Church in Savannah v. Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia, 290 Ga. 95, 718 S.E. 2d 237 (2012).

As part of his full time law practice, Jim serves as Chancellor for the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia.  As Chancellor, Jim provides legal counsel and is advisor to the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia as well as other ecclesiastical authorities and officers of the Diocese.  He is an ordained Episcopal Priest and serves as the Vicar of St. James’ Episcopal Church in Quitman, Georgia.